North of Sunset

It's 1996 and Hollywood is thriving in the era of indulgences. Sherman Lee is a volatile and successful action movie producer who seeks critical acceptance. Ever the partier, his excesses are starting to take their toll. He can't keep a personal assistant for more than a few days until Emily Karelin is sent to fill the position. She's a temp with no showbiz background, one of the requirements Sherman demands. Emily is struggling to find what she wants out of life. The only thing that fills her nonworking hours is ice skating. She doesn't trust men due to a failed relationship with a pathological liar. When she works for Sherman, they discover their synchronistic style and are intrigued with each other. Sherman's longtime best friend, internationally renowned actor Wesley Barron, is aware of the producer's problems. He also wonders who this unknown and mysterious Emily is.

"North of Sunset" shows a segment of a power broker's jaded lifestyle. Even in one of the most expensive places to live in the world, sometimes you find what you're not looking for…

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north of sunset by lisa maliga