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khen rinpoche geshe lobsang tspehel buddhist lama teacher land of compassion buddha dharma center west covina, california

Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Tspehel is the head of the Land of Compassion Buddha dharma center in West Covina, CA. The above photo was taken at a fish liberation that I attended in Marina del Rey several years ago. I was sitting on the dock and had my camera in hand, wanting a photo of my teacher. Suddenly, there he was, only a few feet away, smiling at me. I took the picture, along with several others, and when I got back home I dropped off the film at the nearby drugstore. It was funny to see that this picture, even though it was about the tweltfth picture taken, it was on the top of stack of 36 photos. And rightfully so!

Fish Liberation in Marina del Rey
By Lisa Maliga
© 2000-2017

Thousands of fish were liberated from bait traps on June 15th, just one day before Saka Dawa. 
Geshe Tsephel led a brief chanting session and blessed all 10 fish traps before the liberation process began. More than 30 students participated in releasing herring, anchovies, and sardines back into the bay. 
As the fish were scooped up in nets and eased back into the water, a gathering of a dozen hungry pelicans were looking forward to some lunch. A seal showed up and barked a greeting as the fish were being sent back where they belonged. 
Nearby fishermen were perplexed by the 'bait' being thrown back into the water but the bait shop owner's attitude was: "I don't care what these people do with the fish--they paid for 'em!"
Geshe-la took the time to inform us that when a bird caught a fish, it "stays in bird's belly." He emphatically rubbed his stomach and grimaced.
Silvery scales glistened like sequins in the afternoon sunshine and a rainbow appeared above the water. 
The little fish were being welcomed back home.


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