PublishAmerica is a Traditional ‘e’ Publisher

How many of the past and present PublishAmerica authors were lured in by their patriotic looking web site? Their slogan about how honest they were – We Treat Our Authors the Old Fashioned Way – We Pay Them. The pages and pages worth of testimonials. Thousands of HAPPY authors. Celebrity endorsements by The Pope, Laura Bush, Marie Osmond and other movie and TV luminaries of years gone by. PA has been touting the fact that ex M*A*S*H* actor Jamie Farr has been taking his wife’s book to a taping of The Hollywood Squares for the past year.

What gets PublishAmerica so highly ranked in the search engines? Their name for one. Those popular keywords were well chosen for staying power on search engines and directories for very obvious reasons. If you are looking for proof that they’re emphasizing their ‘tradition’ have a peek at the description that those tireless spider robots deal with whenever they visit that PA site: <META name="description" content="PublishAmerica, Inc., a traditional publisher, accepting and publishing manuscripts and books at NO CHARGE to the author. Royalties paid to writers, books sold in stores. Manuscript submissions by mail and online" >

Yep, they say they’re traditional all right. They further emphasize it by telling the author they’re trying to hook into their game that they don’t charge them – even resorting to using all capital letters. Oh yeah, those royalties, they’re present, as are the ‘books sold in stores’ to further reel writers in.

Keywords – those carefully chosen words and terms to get you listed high in search engines and reap the benefits of lots of sales…here they are, looking good. Looking legit. But what’s this; they mention xlibris, a known print on demand publisher. Same with iUniverse. And do we see the term “print on demand” listed several times in variations?

And doesn’t the term self publish/self publishing occur about three different times? Could that be a clue as to what PA is all about?

<META name="keywords" content="writers, publishers, agents, literary agents, authors, author, writer, publisher, publishing, writing, xlibris, publishing house, publishing company, publishing companies, royalties, print?on?demand, print on demand, print?on?demand publishing, print on demand publishing, PublishAmerica, Publish America, publishamerica, publish america, AmErica House, america house, America House, publish America, print, printing, book, books, book publishing, publishing service, self-publish, self-publishing, iUniverse, iuniverse, xlibris, self publishing, free publishing, cheap publishing, manuscript, manuscript submission, royalty publisher, royalty publishing, ebooks, on-demand publishing, small press, online publishing, publishing online, book publisher, book publishers, book printing, publishing resource, writer resource, author resource, writers community, authors community, publishing professional, traditional publisher, traditional publishing, writing talent, creative talent, unpublished author, un-published author, unpublished writer, un-published writer, publishing contract" >

Oddly enough the term traditional isn’t emphasized in the keywords section at all. It appears albeit at the bottom of the list. So far down that many search engines won’t ever see or care to index it.

The following site is highly recommended for those of you in search of a legitimate publisher and/or agent. And you can learn more about the PA scam.

preditors&editors fights publishing fraud

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