Lotus Flower Glycerin Soap Lotus Flower Glycerin Soap can be used for a relaxing bathing or showering experience. Or you can purchase one to keep on your altar. This is the perfect gift to present to anyone interested in Buddhism. Or you may know of someone who adores the smell of unusual flowers. Scented with lotus, this is an earthy aroma, made even more unique and pretty with the addition of water lily fragrance. Water lilies are believed to attract wealth! Available in shimmering magenta, blue or white, the effect is created by using natural mica colorants. If used for bathing, please be aware of the fact that moisturizing refined African shea nut butter has been added. All lotus flowers are individually handcrafted and may vary slightly in color from batch to batch. These soaps are made in a peaceful environment. Please contact me at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations for information regarding orders of any size.  

Sandalwood Glycerin Soap


To your right is a photograph of Sandalwood Glycerin Soap. Using a combination of sparkly micas and scented with authentic sandalwood essential oil from Indonesia, this is a soap for the bathroom or kitchen that will be used down to the last sliver.


Coconut Fusion Glycerin Soap



For those of you who love coconut, well have I got the perfect soap for you--Coconut Fusion! While it's pretty much of a plain white bar, there is no coloring whatsoever, it's truly what's inside that makes the difference. Of course it contains a generous helping of shea butter, along with protein rich goat's milk, coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, and bits of dried coconut. The fragrance is so rich and genuine, but tinged with just a touch of pineapple, that you'll think you're in the South Pacific when you bathe with this one! 


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Bay Rum Breeze Glycerin Soap


This isn't your average Bay Rum, because it's Bay Rum Breeze, with a blue the color of the Caribbean Ocean on a sunny summer's day. The fresh, clean and spicy aroma is a good deodorizing soap for people who play and work hard. Consider this one for your gym bag.


Strawberry Creme SoapCakeSoapCakes

SoapCakes are handcrafted expressly for YOU. They are available Unwrapped, which means you cut and wrap each piece according to your preferences, or in the Supreme version, which includes cutting, wrapping and custom made color labels. Please visit Everything Shea's SoapCakes page to learn more.

Shown here is the Strawberry Creme SoapCake.

Fracas Type Glycerin Soap

The elegant pink soap to your right is the lovely floral duplicate of the French perfume Fracas. Fracas Type Glycerin Soap is a bright pink with a bit of shimmery white blue sparkling mica colorant. Very French! Very Feminine! Very Fragrant!

by Lisa Maliga

It started just around the time I was learning to read, I guess. In the grocery store with my mom, I noticed all the cans and boxes had words on them. I didn’t know what ‘ingredients’ meant so mom pulled the loaf of bread off the shelf and told me it contained flour, salt, sugar, etc. I pointed to a can and she looked at the label and read the list of ingredients. I was impressed that the secrets were being revealed and asked, “So we can make them ourselves?” She explained it was the law. It only listed what was inside the can, not how much or how to make it. The food manufacturers weren’t giving recipes to the consumer, but I didn’t listen. At the age of six, I knew one thing – I could make whatever I wanted.

After using some expensive soap back in early 1997, I decided to make my own. I surfed the internet and discovered that the soap base was called melt and pour glycerin. Being a soap lover but a total dummy, I searched for ways in which to buy and make it. I found a well-illustrated site. Gorgeous color close-ups of uniquely shaped soap sculptures were on display. Imagine a bright red apple, or a deep violet flower – soap in disguise! Inspired, I ordered a soapmaking kit that contained translucent glycerin and opaque [white] melt & pour soap in blocks. There were also color nuggets and a few different scents. A single page containing instructions was my only guide.

Not having a microwave oven, I used a double boiler consisting of two cooking vats and watched the translucent chunks melt into a pool of liquid soap. I added a bit of the orange color nugget, the required amount of scent, some dried marigold flowers I had, and poured it into a square plastic food storage container. I was so anxious I stood there and watched it dry! I used a toothpick to pop the excess bubbles and to prevent the petals from floating to the surface. For a long time I waited, not putting it in the freezer, just allowing it to harden at room temperature. When it finally did, I eagerly removed it from the mold and looked at the suspended petals ‘frozen’ like a still life in the canvas of clear glycerin soap. I was hooked on the art and craft of soap making!

NEW! Melt & Pour Glycerin Soapcrafting – What You Need to Know ~ Whether you currently craft melt & pour glycerin soap and have thought about starting your own business, or are thinking about it, this article is a must-read!

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