When writing screenplays, I feel that it's important to not only tell a story, but to have dialogue that's highly realistic.  
If you are an agent, producer or director who happens to be interested in reading my screenplays, I can provide you with a copy within a few days. 
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Money and success, that’s what John O’Connor dreams of when he is released from prison for car theft. Realistically, the best he can hope for is a job washing dishes or pumping gas.John answers an ad for Forever & A Day Enterprises, a very shady and secretive multi-level marketing firm. He is hired and believes he’s on his way to “total financial freedom.” Money starts to flow in his direction. Lots of it. John’s street smarts allow him to con everyone he encounters. But is he capable of conning Mr. Damon, the unscrupulous multi-millionaire founder?

John O’Connor then makes a discovery revealing more criminal activity than ripping off people for a few dollars. Angry former employees, dissatisfied customers; anyone complaining about the procedures or products eventually turns up missing – or dead.The government begins investigating Forever & A Day Enterprises. John realizes that he’s also in danger.“In $ We Trust” is like “American Beauty” meets “Goodfellas.”

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Norman Jackson is a 41-year-old librarian who's written a masterpiece but won't show it to anyone. He's terrified that the only original thing he's ever accomplished is worthless. He is a reliable and caring individual who still lives with his mother. Shy around women, he's being pursued by a bakery worker who desperately wants a family; something that doesn't interest this man of books. Linda Knowles has directed three Hollywood features. The pioneer epic she's scripted will be her "Dances With Wolves" especially if she can make it authentic by filming in the Midwest.

These two artists meet in the Barnaby County Public Library when she wants to stay past closing time to continue her research and he wants to go home for supper. They're annoyed with each other right from the start...or are they?
Norman's, safe, predictable existence begins disappearing as he feels attracted to Linda.   She's his chance for happiness and success. But staying employed at the library has its benefits. Then Norman discovers another alternative.


Kyle Wilson is a down and out wannabe actor/screenwriter who hasn't made it in almost ten years and isn't going to make it. Living on the edge of being homeless as he pursues his elusive Hollywood career, he subsidizes his dreams by working day labor, collecting bottles and cans, and spending his weekends as a skate guard at a new ice rink.

One Saturday afternoon he unwittingly encounters his chance to become a star. The Galaxy Wrestling Federation's reigning heavyweight champion, the Savage Commando, is at the rink giving interviews and being filmed for a local TV show. His son's also having a birthday party and the adolescent brat terrorizes the other skates. A scuffle ensues and Kyle's arrested.
G.W.F. decides to give Kyle a shot at fighting the Savage Commando in a no-holds-barred match. It will be a great publicity stunt to increase their sagging ratings. The offered prize is $500,000 or a one-way bus ticket to any city. For Kyle, this time it's not just a storyline or an act -- it's real.

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