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I write different kinds of books as I always want to entertain people. Currently, I havea few novels and a short story collection available as ebooks. Check 'em out...

IT'S HERE! Devil's Do-Gooders Curtis Angeles moves from suburban Chicago to a rural Florida town in search of peace, quiet and privacy. Instead, he almost loses his life uncovering some deadly deceptions…[This book contains some graphic language, violence and sexual content].

Notes from Nadir is a wacky and poignant look at a Los Angeles-based writer who has to return to her Midwestern home due to financial difficulties. She moves back in with her Mom in a semi-retirement community and works a couple of dead end jobs, meets a sexy British bakery owner, and later finds steady work as a writer and photographer at The Factory in the depths of Nadir. Author of The Hating Game, Talli Roland writes, "A very enjoyable read about trying to fit back into a mould you no longer fit." Glynis Smy writes, "What started off as a blog series, ended up as a book. One I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. Notes from Nadir are quite literally just that--notes." See Reviews page to read the entire reviews. The sequel, LEAVING NADIR, will be out later in 2012.

Love Me, Need Me: A Narcissist's Tale - Read about the adventures of a bumbling sexual predator who uses the Internet trolling for conquests. Arlen J. Stevenson, a hack zombie author from Alabama, ends up on MySpace hoping to be the most popular writer there. What happens to him is a fusion of dark humor and unexpected consequences. This controversial book contains graphic language and sexual content. See Reviews page to read more.

I WANT YOU: Seduction Emails from a Narcissist - The seduction emails are presented in the raw to reveal how Arlen J. Stevenson charms and lures his victims. Being the owner of a vast MySpace site, he has access to thousands of women. This book is comprised of various emails that show Arlen's arc of seduction with 18 different women. The love and long term relationships he proposes to the women lasts as long as it satisfies his ego and sexual cravings. This book can be read as either a prequel or a sequel to Love Me, Need Me: A Narcissist's Tale. Also contains graphic language and sexual content.

North of Sunset takes place in 1996. Hollywood is thriving in the era of excess. Sherman Lee is a volatile action movie producer who can’t keep an assistant. Wesley Barron is a wild actor who stars in his hit movies. But their partying is taking a toll. Enter novice temp employee Emily Karelin who is sent to work for Sherman. How long will she last? Can she handle the hours, the creative people, and the drugs? See Reviews page to read more.

South of Sunset isn't just a location, but where myth and reality merge. In this collection of original short fiction, the author takes us into the minds of an assortment of losers, dreamers, successes, wannabes, and has-beens. The action within these seven stories takes place in various Los Angeles locations. All the main characters happen to reside south of Sunset Boulevard. This book contains the novelette Urban Legend ~ Hollywood Style. Now on B&N Nook and Smashwords!

The Narcissist Chronicles - The Narcissist Chronicles: The WHOLE story. Combined are two novels originally published in 2010: LOVE ME, NEED ME: A NARCISSIST'S TALE and I WANT YOU: SEDUCTION E-MAILS FROM A NARCISSIST. Due to the length of the original manuscript, the author whittled it down so it would conform to the general length of a novel. But even that was too long. In e-books size doesn't really matter so now the reader benefits and receives the whole story. And THE NARCISSIST CHRONICLES is presented in the correct order. We learn even more about the characters through their emails as seen in the second part of THE NARCISSIST CHRONICLES. This version is approximately 154,000 words.

Hollywood Office Temp - Chris Yarborough is a Midwesterner as green as the corn back home in Ohio.  This former bookstore employee moves out to Los Angeles to pursue a profitable career in screenwriting. 

Without an instant script sale, she stumbles upon an ad that reads: TYPE YOUR WAY TO THE STARS! The company is in a prestigious Century City high rise and she works there until the company closes. Out of work, her career as a temp is launched.

Chris temps in an East L.A. warehouse where the elderly owner is carried to her office to downtown where she discovers Banksluts, Inc. Other jobs in studios bring her in contact with famous actors. She learns that as a temp, she is the maid of the secretarial world. One employer says, "If you don't want to use her you can send her away."

As she searches for a literary agent and that elusive script sale, Chris encounters an array of unusual characters. A partying apartment manager, an important film director who could launch her career, a lawyer with an office furnished in kindergarten motif, and several household names. Sometimes working in the entertainment biz, including stints at Playboy, Universal Studios and Warner Bros., to jobs in unrelated fields, the plucky screenwriter perseveres.

HOLLYWOOD OFFICE TEMP is written in diary format. We are shown the excesses of the 1990's as a nobody tries to become a somebody in Hollywood.

SATAN'S CASTING CALL is a 9,100 word novelette about the horrors of Hollywood. "a microcosm of hollywood as a swift kick to..... your right kidney... really fun short as i'm a fan of la and sf stories. i see it as a washed out color short... 17 minutes tops... lol... seriously, fun read...." P.D. Durie

"This was tasty tidbit of horror that reminded me of The Twilight Zone." C.V. Hunt "Scary Carrie"

"I loved this short story and in fact, I didn't want it to end. I had an idea of where it might be going but that didn't take a thing away from how much I enjoyed it. It was unique and I hope to read more from the author." Shauna Klein

Most titles are also available on B&N NOOKbooks, Smashwords and Diesel The covers below are linked to the Amazon Kindle versions.

lisa maliga devil's do-gooders horror novelsatan's casting call novelette by lisa maligaNotes from Nadir Lisa MaligaLove Me, Need Me: A Narcissist's Tale Lisa MaligaI WANT YOU: Seduction Emails from a Narcissist Lisa Maliga

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