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Here are my bath & body related e-books! The first one I released last spring is about Monoi de Tahiti and it's the only ebook of its kind out there! Available on Kindle, B&N Nook, Diesel eBookstore and Smashwords. Get it in less than a minute and for less than 2 bucks!

What is Monoi de Tahiti and how will it benefit you? A bottle of this Polynesian beauty product has a variety of uses and will soothe your skin, hair and nails. "Monoi de Tahiti: Spa in a Bottle" is a unique e-book focused on this fragrant and natural Tahitian beauty oil. Receive an abundance of information along with never-before-seen recipes. The author has worked with Monoi de Tahiti for more than a decade and has added it to soap and other bath & body products. Read the REVIEW!

NOW WITH COLOR PHOTOS! In NUTS ABOUT SHEA BUTTER the reader will discover shea butter's benefits, its numerous applications, and how to get optimal use from this healthy and natural nut fat. Learn about the differences between East African and West African shea butter. What is the right kind of shea butter for your needs? Various types of shea butter and shea oil are described in this cutting edge e-book. This new edition includes several color photos, more varieties of shea butter, interviews with shea butter suppliers and more shea butter resources. Read the REVIEW!

NEW! 12 EASY MELT AND POUR SOAP RECIPES contains original recipes, 37 color photos, and several places to buy soap base, molds, fragrances and other necessary supplies. Learn how easy it is to craft your own melt and pour soap in less than one hour! See a step-by-step tutorial with pictures for Seaweed Soap. Find your supplies at more than 15 online locations. These are all original recipes created by the author in her own kitchen. Written and photographed by the author of "The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Making," this eBook serves as an excellent companion volume. Watch a video about making seaweed soap!

"12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes is meant to be a companion follow up to her previous work "The Joy of Melt and Pour Soapcrafting", but all the necessary instructions to make 12 different kinds of soap are included in this one as well. I like that this book is short, sweet, and to the point. It is very easy to read through with a short introduction including important things to keep in mind, easy to follow instructions, and quite a few photos." Janelle, Mother Necessity blog

"Do-it-yourselfers and crafters alike are going to love 12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes by Lisa Maliga." Emily Lewis, Mrs. Mommy Book Nerd's Book Reviews.

"Melt and pour soap making can be such a fun activity for adults as well as children. Lisa Maliga tells you all about how to do it successfully with her tried and true methods in her e-book, The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting." Regan, The Anti-June Cleaver blog

The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting is finally here! It contains more than 50 color photos, many never seen before, 40 creative recipes, and loads of helpful information! This book is highly recommended for those who will be using their new Kindle Fires! It's also making its debut just in time for the holidays so you can make some unique gifts! Here's the Smashwords link. Read several reviews!

"In THE JOY OF MELT AND POUR SOAP CRAFTING she explains how to use colorants, liquid, mica, mineral and natural. She also explains why using a double boiler or a crock pot is a better option than microwaving your soap."

"The recipes section of the book is awesome, there is a huge collection of recipes and a photo with every one of them. My favorite section is the shampoo bars, I am definitely making these and some of the other recipes for myself and gifts."

"Lisa makes the craft of creating soap products seem so easy. She actually makes the reader feel as if they can really create a wonderful soap gift for themselves or for family members!"

"I’ve had the chance to review the eBook The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting by Lisa Maliga  to see how helpful it would be when I start making soap. I love this eBook. It is very informative providing many tips about things I didn’t know about. It tells me which type of molds work best, how to store essential oils, where to buy items and on and on."

"What I like about this book is it's just not a book full of projects. Lisa gives you some background on what melt and pour soapmaking is along with tips and tricks as well as facts and safety tips."

"I read the book, and honestly, learned quite a lot - especially since I didn't really know much about this topic to begin with. Making your own soap is a lot easier than one might think! Lisa's book gives incredible step-by-step instructions on how to create your own soap, and goes into great detail about why you should create your own soap, information on fragrances and essential oils, reputable soap suppliers, and even crafts for kids of various ages."

"I highly recommend this ebook. She has pictures in the ebook so you can see what your soap should look like. It would also make a great gift, you can purchase it and it can be sent as a gift through email."

"Lisa's book is easy to use. Lots of detailed instructions. Lots of pictures.  A great list of places to look to for your supplies.  Lisa even has a chapter on helping you to sell your soaps!! WOW!!"

"There is even an entire chapter that gives you a list of reputable suppliers that sell a variety of soap bases and other soap crafting supplies!  This book really does have everything you need to handcraft your own soap!

"There are tons of recipes to choose from! I decided to try and make Bars of Coffee 'n Cream Soap."

"The book is really well written and very detailed. I love the heartwarming dedication to the author's mother and the forward that gives a history of soap making and why you should make your own."

"After Lisa breaks everything down and explains very thoroughly; from liquids and colorants, minerals, mica, and fragrances to melting options she gives detailed instructions on how to make many different types of soaps. Including baby soap!"

"If you are looking into getting into soap making this is a must read. It's great book with tons of information. She even tells you about mistakes you don't want to make!"

"If you’re looking for something to teach you how to make your own soap I highly recommend, The Joy of Melt & Pour Soap Crafting. Just keep in mind, you’ll want to read the whole book before you start. Every tip is helpful."

"The end also has some websites listed where you can buy some oils, some soap bases, and it looks like a lot of good information to get someone started. These resources alone are worth the cost of the e-book as it will save a lot of time in getting started."

"I would recommend THE JOY OF MELT AND POUR SOAP CRAFTING to anyone who is thinking about soap making. This practical guide is well written and researched and you will really enjoy reading it and you will get ideas for your own soap recipes."

"I enjoyed reading The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting and if I get a wild idea to try making my own soap again, this time I will have a lot more information at my fingertips!"

"Whether you want to craft soaps for personal use, gifts, or would like to start a small business, I highly recommend The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting. It contains a wealth of information to get you on your way."

"My kids enjoy helping me make crafts and with The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting we were able to have so much fun and ended up making some great soap together."

"The information NUTS ABOUT SHEA BUTTER is researched well and presented in understandable everyday terms."

monoi de tahiti: spa in a bottle Lisa Maliganuts about shea butter 2nd edition lisa maligathe joy of melt and pour soap crafting lisa maliga12 easy melt and pour soap recipes lisa maliga

NEW RECIPES ADDED! If you'd like to read some recipes and articles about bath & body products, please visit Everything Shea Creates!

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