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Do you love animals? Cats? Dogs? Birds? Horses? Squirrels? For the past few years I've been studying squirrels due to their proximity and soon the results will be shared with more pictures and quite a few stories! SQUIRRELS IN THE HOOD is now available!. Locations: Kindle / Smashwords / B&N Nook. squirrels in the hood photos & story by Lisa Maliga

For my UK Squirrel-friends you can get it on KINDLE: SQUIRRELS IN THE HOOD

Watch the SQUIRRELS IN THE HOOD book trailer!

You can read SQUIRRELS ON THE HOOD on your color Nook, or one of the FREE Nook Reading Apps! Read on your iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac or BlackBerry. For Kindle users you can read SQUIRRELS IN THE HOOD in color on your free Cloud Reader or with your FREE KINDLE Reading APP!



Fun Fact! Squirrels in the Hood was given the working title of Nuts About Squirrels. Fortunately, I did a Google search and discovered a lovely website which is listed both here and in the book!

Here are more squirrel pictures including one who enjoys eating while hanging upside down!

squirrel awaiting snacksquirrel on balconysquirrel hanging upside down

Want to exchange links? If you have a squirrel, dog or cat-related site and you want to exchange links, please let me know.


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