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It's not difficult to find articles on and offline about animal testing. Many companies claim not to do this, others admit they have in the past but no longer do, and still more offer only silence. This page isn't about testing products on unwilling animals [or people], but you can read of how I came up with the term animal approval.

Sunshine sitting around waiting for her coconut oilSince 1997 I've been making my own bath & body products. I also have a cat by the name of Sunshine who's a bit of a warrior, getting into fights with other cats and coming home with missing fur and bloody, scratched skin. At first I tried using aloe vera gel, but she flinched when I put the stuff on her as the temperature was too cold. So I tried virgin coconut oil and she didn't even attempt to get away. She immediately licked the area where it was applied, so I put some more on her other side, where she wasn't wounded. She went for that too. Obviously, she liked the taste of this stuff. After a few days she began looking forward to her coconut oil treatments and her skin healed and the fur grew back and looked silkier and shinier than ever.   

Whenever I opened the jar of coconut oil to use on my skin, she invariably was in the area and made it evident that she was interested in tasting more of the stuff. So even though she wasn't injured, I got into the habit of applying it on her fur every morning.  

Next came the shea butter. I did the right thing with her and opened the pail, offering to let her sniff the 'new' substance. Not smelling as pretty as coconut, she walked away. Ok, so it flunked her sniff test. I put a small amount on her fur coat and she promptly licked it, but didn't seem that thrilled about the stuff. Later, I got some shea oil and held the bottle under her fussy little nose. This time it passed, judging by the purring I heard. Applying a small amount, she immediately went for it and wanted more. Sunshine and shea oil were a happy combination. Sunshine loves coconut butter & says you should try it!

There is no forcing of oil on Sunshine, it's just a daily oil rub treatment that she loves. I tap on the container and she comes running. Other than eating her favorite treats of chicken or tuna, she adores having her morning coconut oil and evening shea oil applied to her healthy fur.

Sunshine wants to share her favorite oils with you! These products are safe for all furry animals whether cat, dog, horse, rabbit, etc. [If in doubt please contact your veterinarian]. Visit the coconut page!

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