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An Author's Nightmare by Lisa Maliga

an author's nightmare lisa maliga novelette horror chick lit


An Author 's Nightmare - Everything is going perfectly for hot young chick lit author Penelope Anne Pennington. Her serialized "Carlotta's Cakery" books are all bestsellers. She is about to launch a cakery in trendy Brentwood. A series of films based on her books are in pre-production, along with an upcoming reality TV show. Best of all, Penelope has romance in her life with Wayne Stillman, her attorney boyfriend/soon-to-be-fiancé!

But something strange is happening to all her outgoing correspondence—what she sends isn’t what her correspondents receive. To make matters worse, bizarre printed and electronic correspondence is being sent to her. Why is this happening? Is it a rival author? Is it someone that is jealous of all her success and wants to derail her happiness? Or is it something more dark and malevolent, something not of this world?

Genre: Psychological Horror/Chick Lit

This story will be featured in the forthcoming eBook and paperback HOLLYWOOD AFTER DARK: 3 TALES OF TERROR.

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